Thursday, June 10, 2010

Whats in your Treasury ?

Top coin is the American Eagle with Walking Liberty on the front.                         The next coin, under the banknotes, or greenbacks, is the CANADIAN SILVER MAPLE.               Under that is the MEXICAN LIBERTAD.                  The American and Canadian's have been minted since '86 & '88 respectively.       All of the coins are ONE OZ. of  PURE SILVER, within everyone's economic reach.                                                                                                             
Well you could ask:  " Whats in your wallet ? ", like the Credit Card commercial, thank  you Capitol One.   I would more ask what do you keep in your family treasury?     Further, contemplate this:  " How much interest have you made since 1986 ?"   How do you provide for your family?   How do you hedge ?         Federal Reserve Notes?  Bank of Canada paper money?                                                                                            SAVING $10 per week since 1988 in the form of Silver coin.
Which would have yielded  your family greater wealth and protection, saving paper or saving silver? 

American Eagles and Canadian Maples
back  in the day 
sold for silver price + coin premium.               

Since you could own them legally as savings anchors for your family, you need realize that they now go for $22 & $23 respectively including the coin premium.

Since interest rates have tended downward during that time, to approach ZERO on any funds deposited while all your basic items purchased increased in price, as the value of your Federal Reserve Notes stayed static,  you would have been at a terrible economic disadvantage only holding banknotes, greenbacks or cash.

Saving for something, means, IMO,  you must save something of value to later have the value that  you were saving for.  If the price of what you were saving for, increased faster than your savings value, it would have been moving backwards economically despite the increasing numerical value of your savings.

So if you had a $10K Certificate of Deposit, denominated in Canadian or US dollars in 1990, it would have bought you 2000 American Silver Eagles or Canadian Silver Maples.  Today, that same certificate would buy  you 444 of them, so the value of your savings would now be about 4.5 times greater than where you started.  Lets compare compound interest.   Had you had $10 K on deposit, over the same period @ an average of 5% compounded it would have returned 2.7 times its face.

In reality, you must ask  yourself what kind of risks you take, when offered "Deals" on savings.  I do think the real value is in thinking for yourself.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Economic 101, its YOUR money and you can make it work for you

     Well IT is YOUR Money, and whether you have come by it hard or easily, it represents a % of  your life, spent getting it.

     While I dont mind hard work, I dont want to be obligated to work like a robot all my life, I want good time, I want my family to enjoy their lives.  I wont waste  your time talking about making your families life better than you had it -> thats a given !

     What we will talk about here, is

1/ how we treat the money we have already gotten ;
2/ how we get more money;
3/ how we keep our sanity during this process;
   4/ how we keep our values of families and life, over money, while
                                                                    still having enough money to have good lives and families.
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