Monday, January 11, 2010

Economic 101, its YOUR money and you can make it work for you

     Well IT is YOUR Money, and whether you have come by it hard or easily, it represents a % of  your life, spent getting it.

     While I dont mind hard work, I dont want to be obligated to work like a robot all my life, I want good time, I want my family to enjoy their lives.  I wont waste  your time talking about making your families life better than you had it -> thats a given !

     What we will talk about here, is

1/ how we treat the money we have already gotten ;
2/ how we get more money;
3/ how we keep our sanity during this process;
   4/ how we keep our values of families and life, over money, while
                                                                    still having enough money to have good lives and families.
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