Monday, September 23, 2013

Introducing Noah's Ark .999 Silver Pendant

Struck in .999 Silver, coins from the Republic of Armenia commemorates the Biblical story of Noah's Ark. In the story of Noah's Ark God sent a great flood to destroy the earth but spared Noah, his family, and two of each animal in a the giant Ark that Noah built. The Ark is shown floating on the waters of the flood with Mt. Ararat, the supposed location of the Ark, in the background. The Dove that Noah sent out to find land is featured in the foreground. The other side of the coin displays the official seal of the Republic of Armenia.
Copper finish setting shown, Intro Price U$D 89 pstpd.

Noah, Half (½) Oz .999 Silver, 1.25” across.
Available in Antique Copper, Silver or Gold Bezel.
Bezel is lead-free pewter type alloy with an 0.50 mm Tube link atop the Bezel.
Total weight 1 oz.

CLICK HERE TO BUY IT NOW $ 89.00 post paid US & Canada
please specify setting finish, antique Copper, Silver or Gold finish.
Please allow up to 6 weeks for shipping, no back orders.
Last 2013 Christmas orders must be paid by Nov 15, 2013

Installment plans must be paid to ship by Dec 10, 2013.

New additions to the Noah's Ark family being added soon


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