Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What does a bottom in sentiment and a stealth advance look like?

Something like this:
and 4- 6 weeks apart we have low tides, and 4-6 weeks apart we have high tides.

 Thought you'd like to see what was going on under all that Guru Spew from the MSM and Talking Heads, and yet no one is talking about the build in the volume and level, over time, of the PM Complex.

  Oh yes, did we look at the 4 Gold Bug Facts from Hell?

1/ as of mid 2013 the monthly price level of the HUI broke out from a falling wedge, giving probability to a significant rise on a monthly basis.

2/ 4 year cycle bottom in place, now establishing a base in 2013, as we fight out way through this thicket at the bottom.

3/ The Gap from Hell creating Whale Island is now in place and immovable, part of history, creating the Straits of Hell.

4/ Explosive June Rally off the established LOW for 2013, setting the stage for future advances.

  Yeah its short and sweet, yup but those are the FACTS, history really.

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