Monday, November 10, 2014

MONDAY UPDATE. We honor all who served, on Rememberance Day with gratitude.. With humility, we strive to avoid future conflicts

Thank you all who served.  We honor your service by avoiding future wars.

Now on to what happened today:

TPTB tried a hard and nasty takedown today.  They scared the same old scaredy-cats and Chicken Littles but changed nothing.
Here are some illustrations.
Smack it down as they might, the last hour rallied, and in fact, the volume for the last 90 minutes, equalled the volume for the rest of the day. Hmmmm.
    Let look at a thing or two  that did not change:
Those $2,200 Canadian Dollars translates to about U$D 1,900+,
     Now lets take a look at another favorite:
 One look and one of my colleagues told me that the HUI has the cleanest Elliot Wave structure he has seen lately.  ME, I see the upside target.

      So what do I expect ?  Well I got two dozen stocks and counting so far that have held their Friday Gains, have aggressive upside formations, strong volume and good accumulation.  What am I going to do with them ?  I am giving you one right here, right now:

For easy reference the dotted orange line is my STOP Oder Line for now, @ 13.95, and the Green line is the Ongoing upside accumulation.  It won't take a Weatherman to tell you this is a Royalty stock based on the Osisko Business combination.

I figure we will get mauled and fake charges, feints, decoy moves and head fakes as far along as the beginning of December, but by their desperation, I suspect the anti-gold forces, while never short on skullduggery, have little real substance to fight this rear guard action.   As to the Swiss Gold Referendum, remember their National Hero is William Tell.

You can subscribe and have alot more fun, there's a lot more where that came from, Sign up at no risk, refund anytime you ask.  

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